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norwich chen taiji school

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When can I start? What if I can't attend every week? "We don't run in set terms so you can join at any time. It might be a good idea to ring and check the class is on or to ask any other questions you may have but in theory it's fine to turn up at any time. You don't have to join a beginners class if it's not convenient. All the classes are mixed ability and open to all. Come when you can. Everyone has different work and life patterns these days."


What should I wear, what should I bring and how much are the classes? "The prices are on the classes page of this website. Wear trainers or flat shoes and anything loose or stretchy, like jogging bottoms and a t shirt/sweat shirt. Bring water or a drink and hopefully your class fee. You don't need any special equipment."


I've done nothing like this before. "No problem. We all have to start from where we are, rather than from where we'd like to be! And we all consider ourselves beginners. You'll be taught as an individual, at your own rate. We don't care how old or unfit you are - if you're prepared to commit to taiji practice we'll do all we can to help you."


I don't like violence or confrontation. The idea of taiji as a martial art worries me. "Taiji is not confrontational - and neither are we! You won't be bullied or coerced into anything you don't like. Though partner work and weapons are part of traditional training we respect your feelings. You can opt out of any part of the class. Look at the push hands video on the "Practice Thoughts" page. That's not brutal is it? Please don't worry. Our classes are a safe space, where young and old, male and female etc can feel comfortable"


I'm not very fit and i have a bad back/damaged neck/flat feet/mad cow disease. "We all have to start somewhere and you can only improve. If any of the warm up exercises hurt - then don't do them! Taiji has a good track record for helping people get healthier. "  


Do you do student/benefit concessions? "Not usually, but if money is a real problem come and talk to us."


Where did you learn taiji & qigong? "I began my studies in the 1980's, starting with the Yang style and the 24 Step Taiji and the Taiji Qigong exercises. After meeting Master Michael Tse (Tse Wei Jing) in 1989 I began to learn the Chen style of Tai Chi as well as the Dayan (wild goose) system of Qigong and also Chun Yuen, an offshoot of Northern Shaolin kung fu. After spending twenty years with the Tse Centre I left in 2009, partly to develop and pursue my own ideas, but mostly to learn and teach in a more egalitarian and user-friendly yet deeply traditional fashion. I still teach the Chen style of Tai Chi. I regularly visit the official UK branch of the Chenjiagou School. I have also trained with Masters Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing & Chen Ziqiang among others."

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